This morning during my trip to the office, I intently listened to one of my favourite trance tune, Pedro Del Mar Feat. Ridgewalkers – Tears Of The Dragon (Mike Foyle Remix)

It is a vocal trance tune, and one of the lyrics that intrigued me is “Escape to secret places”.

Now lets see here.. escape.. I do sometimes want to escape temporarily from the hectic schedule and work. It will be nice to have your own supposedly secret place to temporarily relax your mind and body.

Each person may have a different interpretation of “escape temporarily from reality” some take it as holidays, some as hobbies, and such… I think the best interpretation for me is temporarily withdraw from the business of life and retreat into some of the exotic places.

It is a wishful thinking though, considering the money and time need to be spent for temporarily escape from the hectic work. Therefore, i tried to compile a list for places that interest me a lot to be my secret escape places a.k.a solitary holiday hahaha..


Now ladies and gentlemen, look at this place… and imagine Lord of The Ring especially the Shire, the hobbits habitation.. very suitable right? This place looks straight taken from a tolkien universe pictorial. Very serene and captivating. Being a huge tolkien fan, I wish i could have a vacation in here.



Swiss, the land of the banks… lol. Now here is a place so cold but so exotic. Seeing the alps and staying in a mountainside villa sure sounds like a very perfect escape location. Since it is located in the central europe, you can easily travel to other european neighboring country such as Italy and France.



The most romantic place of all.. now this could be a dreamy place for you and your spouse to escape to. Since I am single, I guess that coming to this place alone will be very boring, well at least not as entertaining with a spouse.



Now this place.. Aside from being safely isolated from the rest of the world in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island nation is a great place to forget about your worries. Isolation is the key here. Perfect to be alone and reflects on past deeds or mistakes.. well maybe a snorkeling or swimming will help too here, hehe



Picturesque Colmar in France, considered the most beautiful city in Europe, I dont believe that it came straight out of a fairy tale. This tiny town in Alsace is famous not only for its magically colourful old town. Colmar, situated along the Alsatian Wine Route, is called the “Capital of Alsatian Wine” – it boasts a sunny microclimate and is the second driest city in France, making it ideal for wine growing.


There you have it folks, my dream places for a temporary escape, lest the money and time allowed for it. hehehe




Life’s Update

Wow, its been like a long time ago since I last updated this blog…
but then there are no significant changes to my life. I just got older, well hopefully wiser. For the last year I got myself certified as OCP for Oracle 10g, and ITIL V3 Foundation Practitioner. I broke up with my girlfriend… yeah, apparently realizing a fairy tale in a half-assed harsh world is sort of impossibility.

Being single for more than a year sucks.. hahaha there I said it, sucks big time.. Still stuck at the old office too. Haven’t find a decent place to change career apparently. I tried my best to be selfless in everything I do, especially in my work in the office.

Selflessness… easy to say, hard as hell to be purely realized. But I am still trying though, and never lose hope. Hope is what keeps me on, in my pursue of career.. and love. What is happiness without hope? nothing.. so never lose hope.

I do hope my ex is now happy, and able to find a decent man, well maybe even better than me hahahaha… (good luck at that!). Recently, I am highly interested in what we call, KPOP, or Korean Popular Music. It is infectiously catchy, Plus, the girls group members are very pretty.

My current favourite is a korean girl group named Nine Muses, which ironically now only has eight member, haha.

Well.. that’s all for today’s update. for me being a looong looong time since the last update. Stay classy folks!


Dita, my cousin

so, guys and girls, basically I have a cousin named Dita, she’s a freshman in university, and had absoultely no clue on what a blog is. Yet she was assigned to make a blog of her own.

Any suggestion on how to introduce her into blogging community?

any suggestion appreciated, thanks!!


E-CRM pluses and minuses at a glance

in this moment I’d like to explain the benefits and disadvantages of personalization, community building, and direct email in e-crm.


(+)  customer friendly, emotional marketing, cater to personal preferences, on target, direct

(-)  expensive to maintain, customization level is very high, high understainding of each customer required

Community Building

(+) Social Activities, Broad Target, Active group feedback

(-) Expensive and difficult to maintain, involves a lot of parties, events held for community are sometimes expensive

Direct Email

(+) Cheap, direct, low level of message customization

(-) Can be ignored, considered as a spam, not-read by the potential target


Marketing Strategy in XBOX 360

Xbox is a well known game console ever. I'm going to explain a little bit about marketing strategy in xbox 360.
while it has to be competed with Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Here is my perspective :

The key elements of Microsoft's marketing strategy for the Xbox 360
revolve around a direct to the consumer approach.  Unveiling the new
hardware to consumers on a primetime MTV special was a radical
departure from past practices, where game console manufacturers
debuted new hardware to industry insiders at the Electronic
Entertainment Expo.  Instead of relying on industry analysts to act as
evangelists for the new console until shortly before its launch,
Microsoft opted to attempt to freeze the market by making
consumers aware of its offering six months in advance.

The direct to the consumer approach is very different from past
industry practices.  Furthermore, by leading the industry into the
next generation of consoles instead of being a laggard, Microsoft is
seeking to compress the console product lifecycle and put pressure on
its competitors to innovate more rapidly.  Since Sony is currently the
category leader, but also has the oldest hardware in the marketplace,
Microsoft's strategy is especially geared toward beating Sony to the
next generation of consoles.  Microsoft has a much lower share of the
market and is much more interested in succeeding in the next
generation consoles than it is in the current one, so hurting its own
sales of the original Xbox is of little importance if it can
significantly decrease sales of PlayStation 2 and attract new
customers before the launch of PlayStation 3.

Microsoft also targeting women who live with male gamers.  By doing
this, they appear to be emulating Nintendo's strategy to broaden the
appeal of consoles to nontraditional demographics.

Microsoft was a very successful marketer in the 1980s and 1990s in
many respects because it was able to convince corporations that its
less technically capable and less innovative products than those
produced by others, such as Apple and UNIX, were nonetheless the best
choice for businesses operating personal computers.  Microsoft also
successfully convinced businesses to frequently upgrade software even
in the absence of major innovations.  On the other hand, more recently
the company has fallen into disfavor as its anti-competitive practices
became widely known and companies and consumers have become more aware
of its shortfalls.

To combat the impression that it is not an innovative company,
Microsoft is seeking to use the Xbox 360 as a means of changing the
public's impression of the company.  Whereas historically Microsoft
has let other companies develop new markets, such as Internet
browsers, graphic user interfaces, and gaming consoles, and then
entered late, the company is now seeking to lead the gaming console
industry.  The company also needs to diversify beyond PC sales into
gaming and other markets to regain its historically rapid growth.  Its
next-generation operating system has been significantly delayed, and
PC sales are growing very slowly.  Furthermore, consumers and
businesses are increasingly resisting upgrading its products every
couple of years.

Although gaming is a rapidly growing market, Microsoft's ultimate goal
is to provide the hardware and software "brains" for delivery of all
types of entertainment through consumer electronics.  Producing a
console with many capabilities that is viewed as being highly
innovative is critical to gaining consumers' trust so that they will
rely on Microsoft for more than just gaming and PC operations.  In
this regard, Microsoft's strategies fit well with the future issues it
is likely to encounter of continuing slow growth in PC sales and a
need to increase its growth through both gaming and receiving a
greater share of consumers' home entertainment expenditures.

Inixindo’s e-procurement

Inixindo, as I have explained in my previous blog entry, is a IT education company which is an official learning partner of Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Cisco,etc. The materials (books/companion cd) used for the class is of course supplied by the respective vendor. At this opportunity, I would like to explain the e-procurement mechanism of Inixindo in regard on purchasing materials for the upcoming class.

For the material procurement, purchasal is usally done 1 week before the scheduled class. The procurement staff will inform the respective vendors by submitting purchasing order. However, in different vendor there is also different mechanism. In the case with Microsoft and Cisco, the procurement staff have only to submit the order via web application provided in the website link accessible only to certified learning partner of those vendor, therefore it makes easy in placing order for the upcoming class. Once order has been placed and being paid, the vendor will process the order and sent the requested materials to Inixindo ASAP.

However these are not the case in ordering materials from Oracle or Sun Microsystem, the purchasing staff must forst make a telephone contact to infor the upcoming purchase to the Oracle Indonesia or Sun Microsystem Singapore. Then, they will follow up the order for materials on their own with whatever method they use to the central printing office. After it finished, the printing office will sent the materials first to the representatives of the vendors (branch offices) before they sent those materials to Inixindo.

One possible problem that might happen is that the difficulty in implementing standard of e-procurement. In inixindo case, vendors have different mechanism and preferences in handling orders from customers like inixindo. Therefore as a company, inixindo must be able to adapt with several method of procurement, be it may e-procurement or traditional procurement.


six strategies of glodokshop

glodokshop.com is an online stone in jakarta specializing in electronics equipment sale. Glodokshop handles all the purchasal online. though it also has a physical store. I’m gonna review the 6-e business strategy decision which is implementing on glodokshop

Decision 1 E-Business Channel Priority

glodokshop use click and brick strategy, simullated traditional stroe using online technology

Decision 2 Organizational restructuring and capabilities

glodokshop relies on suppliers for its inventory, therefore must maintain a good relations with the suppliers

Decision 3 Business, service, and revenue models

glodokshop is a seller of electronics, the inventiry is bought from the supplier

glodokshop gain profits from the electronic sellings

glodokshop have constant promotions and discounts

Decision 4 Market Restructuring

glodokshop acts as a market alternative to a conventional shop

Decision 5 Market and product development strategies

glodokshop perform a lot of promo to gain market attention

Decision 6 Positioning and differentiation strategies

glodokshop offer price below market price to gain a fair share of ccusstomer